Confirming Bookings
Swift Harbour Book Anything
Book Anything Integrated with Controller Series Software
When you get a booking request, you will receive a notification email that includes a link to your Swift Harbour dashboard. You can access your dashboard directly anytime via the link and clicking on the appropriate booking group.

Step 1: Visit​

Step 2: click on the appropriate booking group

Step 3: Click on the "Pending" tab to view pending bookings

Note, you can adjust the columns in the dashboard to display exactly what you want. Learn more at Filtering and Organizing your dashboard columns

Step 4: Review the booking

Once in the dashboard you can see all your captured guest details. Review the booking to determine whether you want to confirm, waitlist or decline the booking. Click "Details" to see all the booking information in in the dashboard slider.
Bookings can be filtered by date, sorted and searched for ease of use. Liability waivers and a payment link is attached to the booking for ease of use.

Step 5: Confirm the booking

Once you determine that you want to accept the booking, simply click confirm on the status button. Alternatively you can waitlist or decline the booking.
Once you have confirmed the booking, the guest is automatically notified by email. Each email is fully customizable in your settings and can include personalized information about their booking. Learn more at:
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