Swift Harbour Book Anything Docs

For new Swift Harbour Book Anything users.

For our classic product please visit the Swift Harbour Original Docs.

Need support from the Swift Harbour Team?

Simply visit https://swiftharbour.com/support and our team will be happy to help


How do I log into my dashboard?

You can log into your dashboard by visiting app.swiftharbour.com and entering your username and password.

What browser should I use?

We recommend Google Chrome or Apple Safari, although any modern browser like Firefox or Microsoft Edge should work well too.

Swift Harbour supports the following browsers:

  • The last 10 Chrome versions

  • The last 10 Firefox versions

  • The last 4 Edge versions

  • The last 7 Safari versions

  • The last 8 Android versions

  • The last 8 ChromeAndroid versions

  • The last 8 FirefoxAndroid versions

  • The last 10 iOS versions

  • The last 5 Opera versions

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