Stripe accounting options

Stripe offers numerous options for streamlined and robust accounting. Stripe’s financial reports help you understand and reconcile the activity in your account. You can view summary reports in the dashboard or download itemized transaction data as a CSV file.

See the Stripe Balance Report Info here

In addition to the CSV-formatted reports that are available for export in the Dashboard, information about payments, refunds, fees, and payouts is also available in a QuickBooks Desktop-compatible IIF file. Learn More >

For NetSuite users, Stripe can also be connected to the NetSuite workflow with the official Stripe Connector for NetSuite (formerly SuiteSync). Automate cash reconciliation, complete your e-commerce workflow, and accept payments on invoices. You can avoid hours of custom NetSuite integration effort with our prebuilt solution. Learn More >

In addition, there are numerous options to sync data to your accounting system of choice through secure 3rd party options. Learn More >

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