Using Your Booking Link

Your booking link can be used on any web page, online ad, your email signature & more. Your booking widget (marinas only) is for your own website and offers an elegant pre-formatted design that can be static or float about your page content for maximum visibility.


To copy your booking link, follow these steps:

STEP 1 - View your booking page

STEP 2 - Copy the code to use it as a button link in your site!

STEP 3 - Add multiple bookings buttons to your website and any online adds, affiliate sites or partner sites as able. The discoverable your booking buttons, the more likely you are to increase conversions.

STEP 4 - Add bookings buttons to your social media profiles and any complementary sites such as:

Taking Bookings in FacebookTake bookings from Google Search and Google MapsTake bookings on Active CaptainTake Bookings from Other Services

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