Global Payments Integrated Overview for Marina Controller Customers

Global Payments Integrated (GPI) is an option for Marina Controller integrated customers. This streamlined service is popular for its sophisticated platform and competitive rates

Using GPI

The Swift Harbour team will setup your account credentials (under "Apps and Integrations") in Swift Harbour and turn on GPI in your desired Booking Engines. From there customers can seamlessly add in their credit card details during booking, and charges can be made in Marina Controller in a highly secure but flexible way.

All charges and refunds are managed directly in Marina Controller. Please contact

PCI Compliance and Security


Global Payments Integrated’s advanced security services bundle intended to protect credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud, and enhance payments security. Through a unique collection of complementary security solutions, EdgeShield delivers one of the industry’s most secure payments platforms while enabling developers and merchants for EMV. When integrated into systems that accept payments, the bundle protects credit card data while at rest and in transit.


Global Payments Integrated’s proprietary encryption is designed to render cardholder data unreadable, encrypted at the device. Merchants are unable to view card numbers after the swipe or hand-key. Learn More at

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