• Update: administration performance improvement (record filtering, sorting and search is now much faster)

  • Update: guest booking rebuild into Single Page App, various speed and navigation refinements so that guests can more easily navigate, review and complete bookings.

  • Refinement: Booking Timer and auto decline of partially completed bookings. Timer has been refined so that bookings stay active while the user is booking. After 9min of inactivity (NO mouse move or keystroke) a dialog will appear and 10 minutes later the allocated inventory will automatically be removed.

  • Refinement: Short text fields can now autogrow to expand to input content that exceeds the fields original character length

  • Refinement: Scheduler updates to better handle conflicts and guest resolutions to ensure no double bookings on inventory

  • Refinement: Improved Stripe Error Handling

  • Refinement: Ability to map one field to multiple destinations in Marina Controller

  • Refinement: Booking Backup system improved for more frequent backups

  • Refinement: Numerous minor UX/UI improvements and bug fixes

Summer 2022 Release

  • New: Added a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) System for account access

  • New: CSV upload allows for bookings to be added in bulk into Swift Harbour

  • New: Blackout dates added (optimized for single day type bookings)

  • Update: Bookings can now be "un-declined" to bring them back to pending, confirmed or waitlist status.

Spring 2022 Release

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