Training Staff to use Swift Harbour

A resource guide for trainers to quickly get staff up to speed.

Training Setup

Training staff on Swift Harbour is easy! And it only requires a few simple things:

Hands on Training

Hands on training can be completed in less than 30 minutes and consists of the following items

An overview of Swift Harbour

  • Present what a booking notification email looks like

    All booking within Swift Harbour start with an email notification to the administration email (i.e. This email can be changed at any time (see Adjusting Guest Emails) and multiple email addresses can be cc'd for additional reach. Display to your staff what a booking notification email looks like and what email account they will arrive at.

  • Review how to log in to the platform

    Show staff the page and share with them the company login/password.

  • Review How to Action Bookings and Establish A Quick Booking Response Time

    Using your test bookings, show how bookings within Swift Harbour come as a booking request that needs to be actioned (i.e. confirmed, waitlisted or declined) by a staff member, and the sooner the better. A good internal standard is to have bookings actioned within 30 min during office hours. Show how the platform is designed like this to give staff full control over the booking with minimal effort.

Bookings can be managed on any internet connected computer or on the go on data connected tablets and smart phones

While you and your staff have complete control of your settings, the Swift Harbour team will likely be more proficient at making changes for you, which we are happy to do. Simple email us at with your request.

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