Individual and Group Email Messaging
Within Swift Harbour Book Anything, guests can be messaged individually or as a group once they have booked with you. It is an easy process that saves you time and effort and ensures that your emails are sent with high deliverability to your customers.
Step 1 - Select a customer(s) from your booking dashboard
Step 2 - Click the floating action button "+" on the bottom right corner of the page and then click the πŸ’¬ messenger button.
Step 3 - Add your subject and message and click send
An email with your branding on it will be automatically sent to your customers displaying your message.
Please note: Individual and group messaging is a one-way service that provides your customers with important information. The delivery email is a no-reply address from Swift Harbour so if you want customers to be able to respond to you, be sure to add your contact info to the bottom of your message.
Last modified 6mo ago
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