Viewing Confirmed Occupancy (Beta)

You can now view the number of confirmed boats staying on a given night in Swift Harbour. In addition, when a date is selected, all the bookings on that day will display in the dashboard.

Updated Notes (May 31st, 2021): 1) This is a beta feature and still in testing 2) Confirmed bookings are displayed for future dates and the past 2 months (bookings earlier than 2 months prior are not displayed) 3) The page must be refreshed to update the confirmed bookings count after a new booking has been confirmed. 4) Confirmed booking numbers only display on the date-picker on desktop devices

Viewing Confirmed Bookings

To view your confirmed bookings, click "View Confirmed Bookings" date-picker on the dashboard

Please note, that no matter if you are in pending, confirmed, waitlisted or declined bookings, the view confirmed bookings feature displays confirmed bookings only.

Each date shows the number of boats that are arriving or staying that day.

Please note that the number of boats displayed on the calendar do not include boats that are departing that day so you have the most accurate occupancy count for boats staying whole days. i.e. Each date shows the number of boats that are arriving or staying that day. It does not count the boats that are leaving that day.

Click on the date of interest and all boats arriving, staying and departing will display

Note, bookings displayed on the dashboard for the selected date will also display guests checking out that day. i.e. The dashboard will show all boats arriving, staying or departing, so the count may differ from what is displayed on the confirmed booking date-picker.

To clear a date, simply select the date picker and click "Clear" and your dashboard will display all bookings again.

Please note this is a beta feature and still in testing. If you notice any issues, please advise us at

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