Managing Bookings (DockMaster Edition)

The DockMaster edition is available for marinas only

To access your dashboard view the accessing Swift Harbour section

Managing Booking in Swift Harbour is easy. Simply login to your dashboard, and review your new pending bookings.

Click on each pending booking to reveal the slider from the right side of the page and display all the booking information. Within the slider you can see the vessel owner’s name, vessel type, special requests and more. If you use our Stripe™ credit card integration or guest agreement, it will be attached to the booking as well.

With your integration credentials active, you have the option to both sync data with DockMaster as well as populate existing customers, vessels and available slips.

Bookings can also be managed by staff from any tablet or phone with an internet/data connection

To Accept a booking, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Either "Create a customer" or select a customer on file.

Note if you select a customer on file, you will be presented with the option to create a boat or select from an existing boat on file.

Step 2 - Select a slip or "confirm without slip assignment".

Note if you confirm without slip assignment, there is no slip inventory taken into account and it is easy to over book. Please use this option with caution.

Step 3 - Click the Accept button

For waitlisting or declining bookings, you can skip the customer and slip fields and simply clock the waitlist or decline buttons.

You can change a booking's status as many times as you like, however, be cautions not to send unnecessary emails guests in the process.

Once a booking is confirmed, the information will automatically be synced with DockMaster, the booking will filed as "confirmed" in Swift Harbour and a guest email will automatically be sent.

A CLOSER LOOK: WHAT HAPPENs when you action a booking

Accepting, waitlisting or declining bookings is simple to do but there is a lot going on under the hood. When a booking is Confirmed, waitlisted, or declined Swift Harbour™ will automatically: categorize the booking, sync data with DockMaster, and send emails on your behalf to keep boaters in the loop.

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