Training your Staff on Swift Harbour

Having your staff familiar with Swift Harbour is a critical part of putting the platform to work for you. The more staff understand on the platform and its powerful features, the more efficient they can be. In addition, the faster staff respond to guest booking requests the better the customer service for your guests. Both require your staff to know how they will get notified of new bookings, and how they can action the booking quickly and easily.

Swift Harbour Staff Overview

Swift Harbour is an online sales, booking and hospitality platform. It is designed to let customers book 24/7 and streamline gathering all the customer details that typically require one or more phone calls or emails during business hours. Every booking comes into Swift Harbour as a request, that staff can accept, waitlist or decline (learn more at Managing Bookings or Managing Bookings DockMaster Edition) and Swift Harbour will automatically file the booking, notify the guest via auto email, and sync data with any applicable integrations.

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