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Making sure your business information is up to date

It is important that your business information is always up to date so your staff get notified of new bookings promptly and your guests always have access to the latest information. Please be sure to review the following information before each season.

Login/Notification Email

It is very important that you are using an login/notification email that is being monitored so that staff will always know when a new booking comes in. To update or edit your email and password visit the Email/Password change or reset section.

Making sure your pricing and business information are up to date

Again, ensuring that your business settings are up to date is very important every season.
  • To review/update your pricing information, please visit your settings or click here
  • To review/update your guest agreement / liability waiver visit your settings or click here
  • To review/update your auto email settings visit the auto emails section
  • To ensure your booking / cancellation policies are up to date, please visit your settings or click here
For all your other settings, please visit the settings section (under standard settings for Campgrounds + RV Resorts)