Swift Harbour | Marina Controller Edition: Capturing & Charging Credit Cards

For marinas using Swift Harbour and using the Marina Controller Integration.

Swift Harbour | Marina Controller Edition allows you to optionally collect credit card information from every guest seamlessly and securely via Global Payments Integrated (formerly OpenEdge) Payments, the payment processing backbone behind many of the largest brands online. Setup is simple, secure and the easiest way to help your business be fully PCI compliant. While PCI compliance is a shared responsibility, Global Payments Integrated itself processes to a PCI Service Provider standard, and will process your payments under the most stringent methods available. So whether you want to just protect yourself from no-shows, take deposits or want to process all your customers’ tabs remotely, the world is your oyster with this new feature.


Once set up, Global Payments Integrated will allow you to collect credit card information from customers when they book via Swift Harbour. All card data will then be encrypted and tokenized for security and sent directly to Marina Controller for future billing. The process is seamless and requires no intervention from the marina until a charge is going to be made. It is a simpler and far more secure way to collect, manage and charge credit card information than any manual method.


Message us via the chatbot below and we will connect you with Marina Controller for information on how to create an Global Payments Integrated account and for setup on the Marina Controller side. Once set up with Marina Controller, Swift Harbour will then add your xweb credentials to our system and you will be live within 24 hours. Support and training will be provided primarily by Marina Controller with support from Swift Harbour and Global Payments Integrated as applicable.

Need any help? Contact us at support@swiftharbour.com

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