Swift Harbour | DockMaster Edition: Capturing & Charging Credit Cards
For marinas using Swift Harbour and using the DockMaster Integration (aka DockMaster Online Reservations Powered by Swift Harbour).
Swift Harbour | DockMaster Edition allows you to optionally collect credit card information from every guest seamlessly and securely via Stripe, the payment processing backbone behind many of the largest brands online including Target, Uber, Unicef, Kickstarter, Facebook, and National Geographic. Setup is simple, secure and the easiest way to help your business be fully PCI compliant. While PCI compliance is a shared responsibility, Stripe itself processes to PCI Service Provider Level 1 standards, and will process your payments under the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. So whether you want to just protect yourself from no-shows, take deposits or want to process all your customers’ tabs remotely, the world is your oyster with this new feature.
Visit the new payments section in your dashboard under SALES > PAYMENTS (or simply click here)

Click “Connect with Stripe

Create a Stripe Account (or log into your existing account if you have one). The key info you will need will be your business number and your bank details (so the money can be deposited to your account). This is a secure arrangement between your business and Stripe. Swift Harbour does not see any of your banking information.

If you see the below screen, congratulations you are ready to accept and charge credit cards accepted online! Please now advise the Swift Harbour team at [email protected] that your account is set up, and they will test the connection for you.
Example of a connected account

After your Stripe account is activated, your customers will now be required to enter their credit card details at the time of booking and will see the payment form below.

Now with Stripe setup, when your customer makes a booking request you will see a charge button and link at the bottom of their reservation that allows you to create charges, manage settings, refunds, reports and more.
Charges can be created at any point during the customer journey, from immediately after booking to after departure. Charges can also be done in increments so if you want to hold a deposit after booking and charge the balance at the end of your customer’s stay, you can do that! To create a charge, click on the “charge boater credit card button” and follow the prompts.
Once you create the payment, your customer will be emailed a receipt and the payment (minus Stipes merchant fees) will be deposited into your account based on the Stripe terms and your set payout schedule – see more here.

To refund a payment, click on the Visit Stripe Dashboard (for all charge and refund options) link below
You will automatically be taken to that customer’s file and from there you can click on refund under

To adjust settings see reports and more, click on the Visit Stripe Dashboard (for all charge and refund options) link below
You can adjust account information, tax details, branding, bank account info, payment methods, email receipt preferences, team members and more from setting preferences under the settings menu (https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings)
And you can generate reports from the Stripe Account Data page (https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/data)

Pricing is pay as you go and only charged if you process a payment. If you plan to just capture credit cards via Stripe to protect against no shows, and then charge via your own payment terminal on-site, you will pay no fees. If you do process a payment via the Stripe dashboard (like say for remotely charging for a cancellation fee) the charge to you would typically be 2.9% + 30 cents per successful card charge – see more here.
Need any help? Contact us at [email protected]
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