Taking bookings from your website

Placing your booking buttons on your website is a critical step to get the most benefit from Swift Harbour™. Not only is your website where most of your marketing likely points to, but it is the online area you have the most control over day in and day out. A great online sales strategy starts with bookings online (in as many locations as you can), followed by a wide net of online booking opportunities from complementing sites and apps.

When adding online booking options to your website, try to think like your guest and what will be the easiest way for them to book with you. Add your booking button, link, or widget in as many places as you can so whether someone visits your dedicated booking page, your contact page, or your about page, then always find an easy way to booking with you.

The Swift Harbour team will happily help you put buttons online and you can also send the following tutorial to your web developer. Simply contact us at support@swiftharbour.com

Swift Harbour offers three options for taking online bookings. A Embeddable booking widget (campgrounds and RV resorts only), a pre-formatted booking button (marinas only) and a dedicated booking link.

pageBooking LinkpagePre-formatted Booking Button (Marinas)pageEmbeddable Booking Widget/Form (Campgrounds + RV Sites)

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