Take bookings from virtually anywhere

Getting bookings is easy with Swift Harbour™. In a few easy steps you can have a digital presence online that allows you to take online bookings from your website, your social media pages, online ads, the Swift Harbour Apps (marinas only) and more! Your use of booking links is unlimited with Swift Harbour™, so you can place as many as you like online, each providing your customers with the ability to book with you instantly.

Placing your booking buttons online is a critical step to get the most benefit from Swift Harbour™.

Sales funnel optimization

An important part of your online sales strategy is optimizing your online sales funnel. You can learn more about sales funnels here - Building your high performing sales funnel with Swift Harbour

You can get copy of your Swift Harbour™ booking link to share at any time by following the instructions below:

Getting online bookings on your website

To take bookings on you website please visit taking bookings from your website.

pageTaking bookings from your website

Getting online bookings on social media and other locations

To take bookings on social media and other locations, please view taking bookings from virtually anywhere.

pageTake bookings from virtually anywhere

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