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Time-Based Emails

Swift Harbour auto emails are typically based on a trigger action either by the guest or by the business / host. An example of this is when the business / host confirms a booking, a confirmation auto-email is sent to the guest instantly.
Time-based emails are triggered by a time event to offer valuable information to the guest at an appropriate time. The check-in and check-out emails are both time based emails. For these emails, once selected on, a time selection of 6, 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours can be made once and then the email will always be sent based on those settings.
Check-in email are incredible helpful for providing boilerplate arrival information, messaging around rules and guidlines and more for guests to ensure they have a great stay. Check out emails are excellent for soliciting feedback, offering the chance to rebook and more.
An example of a check-in email
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To view and adjust your auto emails, visit
To view and adjust your auto emails, visit
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