Auto-email tags

Insert the tags below to add your own personal touch on all guest and staff emails.


Hello {guest_name},

You have made a request for moorage checking in on {arrival_date} and a checking out on {departure_date} at {business_name}. This is not a confirmed booking, at least not yet but we look forward to responding to you soon via this email address.

Your pending booking reference ID is {booking_id}.

Kindest regards, Your team at {business_name} Questions? Please contact us at {business_phone} or at {business_email}.

Booking Personalizations: Booking ID: {booking_id} Special Request: {booking_special_request} Guest Personalizations: Name: {guest_name} Phone: {guest_phone} Email: {guest_email} Arrival date: {arrival_date} Departure date: {departure_date}

Business Personalizations: Name: {business_name} Phone number: {business_phone} Email address: {business_email}

Other Personalizations: Today's date: {today_date}

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