Electronic Liability Waiver / Guest Agreement

Raise awareness of your terms and conditions and file digital agreements directly with the guest booking, all while never spending a second of your staff's time.

Swift Harbour includes the ability to include a liability waiver/guest agreement at the time of booking to help raise awareness to your terms and conditions and in some cases reduce your liability. You can add any terms and conditions you like and they will be displayed at the time of booking and guests will be required to select "I Agree" before being able to compete the booking. Each agreement is then attached in the guest booking in your dashboard.

Step 1 - click "Standard Settings" and the Select "Guest Agreement" under Settings

Step 2 - Cut and paste (or write) your guest agreement in the text box provided. If you cut and paste, please click on the remove format button to remove any unwanted formatting that could create anomalies in your text.

Please note, personalizations are not available for campgrounds and RV resorts.

Step 3 - Click the “Include agreement when guests book?” check mark at the top of the page and then click save

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