Errors when adding a credit card

Your information is kept secure through our payment processing partners Stripe and Global Payments Integrated, the payment processing backbones behind many of the largest brands online.

If you receive an error when entering your credit card for a booking, the following are possible causes of the error.

1. Are you using an accepted credit card? This marina accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express Cards. Please note that all cards must be full credit cards and not a pre-paid credit card OR debit card (i.e. Visa Debit / Mastercard Debit).

Please note: Pre-Paid Credit Cards and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard branded Debit cards are not accepted

2. Were your credit card details entered correctly? Sometimes simply a wrong credit card, expiry, cvv, or postal code can be the culprit and create an error. Simply click the “try again” link, refresh the page, or re-click the booking button to try again.

3. Did you have the payment page open for an extended period? For security purposes the page will time out after ~15min.

4. Are you on a slow or intermittent data/wifi? For security purposes you must be on a secure, stable data/wifi connection.

5. Are you using a compatible browser? Naturally payment processing needs to be very secure and some browsers and browser plugins may not be compatible. Below is a list of compatible browsers (we recommend Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari Browsers). The easiest remedy is simply to trying booking in another browser or turn off the plugins in your browser.


Payments as part of Swift Harbour is compatible with the following browsers (we recommend Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari Browsers).

– Internet Explorer = 11 – Chrome for Desktop = version 37 and up – Chrome for Android = Android 5.0 and up – Mozilla Firefox = version 32 and up – Microsoft Edge = All Versions – Opera = version 17 and up – Safari Desktop = version 7 and up – Safari Mobile = IOS 5 and up

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