Changing a credit card number

Your information is kept secure through our payment processing partners Stripe and Global Payments Integrated, the payment processing backbones behind many of the largest brands online.

Adding a card during a Swift Harbour Booking

To add your credit card during a Swift Harbour Booking simply follow the booking steps and you will be presented with secure credit card collection page that will ask for your credit card number, expiry date, CVC and, depending on the business you are booking with, Name on Card and Postal / Zip Code.

Editing a card during a Swift Harbour Booking

If you have booked with a business before, you may notice during your subsequent bookings that the platform will securely store your tokenized credit card information for convenience. If you are happy with the card in use, simply click "SUBMIT". If you would like to change your credit card information, simply click the "Click Here" link as per the illustration below.

Change a card after a Swift Harbour Booking

If you have made a booking and then what to change your card on file. Please contact the business directly. They will be able to manually update your payment information for future payments.

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