Guest Agreement

Raise awareness of your terms and conditions and file digital agreements directly with the guest booking, all while never spending a second of your staff's time.

You can now have guests agree to your facility agreement at the time of booking to help raise awareness to your terms and conditions and in some cases reduce your liability. You can add any terms and conditions you like and customize each agreement to automatically populate the Guest Name and Agreement Date. Each facility agreement is then attached in the guests' bookings in your dashboard automatically.

All Versions of Swift Harbour
All Versions of Swift Harbour

Add the following tags to personalize your agreements

Guest Name: {customername} Your Business Name: {marinaname} - note this is for campgrounds as well Agreement Date: {todaysdate} Vessel Name: {vesselname} - note this is only for marina bookings as camping equipment is not affiliated with a name.

Set up your facility agreement by clicking here